Our Mission

The Lassen Aurora Network is a mental health, client-run, community-based, nonprofit organization; providing wellness and recovery services to Lassen County mental health clients and families; establishing responsibility, hope, and resiliency through peer support, wellness programs, and meaningful activities.

Lassen Aurora Network strives to achieve its mission through the four stages of Recovery:

  • 1. Hope and Resiliency
  • 2. Responsibility
  • 3. Empowerment
  • 4. Purpose
  • Hope and Resiliency: Provide outreach and engagement to people with mental illness to identify the supports, activities, and programs that can improve their lives: Increase community understanding of mental Illness and decrease the incidence of stigma against mental illness and those with mental illness.
  • Responsibility: Encourage individuals’ recovery and self-management skills and strategies for dealing with psychiatric symptoms, in order to promote wellness, stability, and quality of life.
  • Empowerment: Advocate for movement in Lassen County from an established professional-driven recovery mental health system to a full partnership based on a holistic recovery model, with consumers and families and professionals as full partners.
  • Purpose: Increase the ability of individuals to meet life and vocational goals, and to increase the availability of sustainable housing for persons with mental illness.

“Stigma and discrimination are long standing issues within the mental health community. The need to address these issues and influence behaviors have never been more important.”

- California Department of Mental Health

Networking for Wellness

Unless you have personally experienced or shared in another’s mental health triumphs and challenges, the journey largely remains shrouded in purposeful secrecy. In the absence of help, change and recovery seem but a distant hope.

At Lassen Aurora Network, we embrace change through a number of community outreach programs, because we envision a future where physical and mental wellness receive the necessary care and support, free of labels, stereotypes, and discrimination.

What’s more, we envision a future where people affected by mental health challenges are socially included, valued, and supported in their wellness and recovery. A vision where education, housing, employment, health care, and other needs to live a fulfilling and productive life are more than just a hope for the future of all Californians.


Susanville Office

815 Cottage St.

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Bieber Library

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Fort Sage One Stop

170 David S. Hall Ave.

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Westwood One Stop

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